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ICOH Education and Training in Occupational Health Symposium
26-28 October 2017, Zagreb

Within the ICOH Education and Training in Occupational Health Symposium 26-28 October 2017 in Zagreb, a special session was organized by the ICOH SC Rural Health on
Education and Training in Agricultural Health and Safety
Exchange of experiences in teaching methods and organizing a repository of e-materials

From different parts of the world experiences with teaching methods and programs in agricultural Health and Safety were presented:

• In Australia Susan Brumby evaluated a community based approach by a blended learning training for both health and agricultural professionals active in rural areas with positive sustainable results.

• From the International Centre for Rural Health in Milano, Italy different educational activities are organized both at national and international level. Claudio Colosio presented an Erasmus+ project in Central Asia and India focussing on occupational and environmental health in MS and PhD programs.

• Sashikala Chandrasekar presented a project in India where social marketing principles are applied to influence behavioural change in the safe use of pesticides.

• Peter Lundqvist from Sweden shared experiences with courses in agricultural leadership and agricultural business management: in running a professional farm a safe and healthy workplace is essential.

• Risto Rautianen, Finland introduced an EU-COST project on Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture (SACURIMA) to reduce the burden of work-related deaths, injuries and diseases in agriculture. A meeting of this SACURIMA consortium was organized in connection with this ICOH symposium.

• Gert van der Laan, The Netherlands, presented a repository of e-learning materials in the website of the Foundation for Learning and Developing Occupational Health (LDOH) and called for collaboration in reviewing, selecting and describing educational materials in OSH in agriculture for the repository (www. ldoh.net)

International and interdisciplinary collaboration in this field is not a luxury, it is a must!